Connect with professors and students
using a familiar at-a-glance interface
and smart matching algorithms.

Made for iOS and Android

What is it?

With virtual school and no in-person events due to COVID-19, it has become extremely hard to make friends, especially if you want to make study buddies in class or meet potential lab partners.

So, we decided to create Hubble, where users can choose to connect with other users and be friends :) We have our own custom algorithm that lets users know whether the person they are connecting with would be a good match based on their interests or courses they are taking!

How it works

Our matching Algorithm uses the following to score how compatible you are to another person based on your interests, hobbies, clubs, and courses.

😃 - Good Match 😆 - Great Match 🤩 - Amazing Match

If you decide to connect, hubble has a built-in chat feature where you can talk to your new friend/project partner/study buddy about anything school. Want to share a playlist or song to listen together? hubble also features built-in Spotify integration to allow you to share music with ease.

Made with Google Cloud

hubble uses Google Cloud's Natural Language Processing API and Cloud Functions to support it's matching algorithm. As well, hubble won Google Cloud's COVID-19 Hackathon Fund, where hubble received $5000 from Google Cloud and mentorship from a Google Cloud Software Engineer (Jerry!) to bring it to life. Without this support, hubble would not be here!

hubble is in closed beta

hubble will only initially be avaliable starting end of May for students
attending the University of British Columbia in a invite-only closed beta.
You can register for the closed beta down below.
Support for other schools look to come soon